Wooden Puzzle

The wood used to make these puzzles is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Original shapes

The designs shown here are original pieces of art. What’s more, all the puzzle pieces have unique shapes depending on the designer’s inspiration.

Recycled materials 

Each puzzle comes in a recycled fabric bag, which in turn is packed in a recycled cardboard box..

Made in France

All the pieces in these puzzles are made in France.

Laser-cut wooden puzzles 

I’ve been a fan of puzzles since I was little, and it was in 2018 that I decided to take the plunge to develop an innovative and creative concept of puzzle. Look inside this box and you’ll discover a whole new experience. Gone are those square-shaped, sharp-edge puzzle pieces, it’s time for new shapes and sizes to tickle the fancy of you puzzle aficionados! As I love travelling around picturesque natural landscapes, the packaging that you have in your hands is made from recycled materials, as is the fabric pouch containing the puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces in turn are made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Puzzle collection

All the arkworks are original on the puzzles! 

Enchanted stroll 

~140 pieces-32cm*23cm Illustration by Ika.Atelier31


The goldfish bowl 

~260 pieces – 45cm*42,5cm Illustration by Ingrid


Home sweet home 

~83 pieces- 28cm*20cm Illustration by Yan Min Sevenier


Friend of forest 

~100 pieces-Diametre 25cm Illustration by ZHU Huiquan


Flying unicorn

~195 pieces-35*34cm Illustration by ZHU Huiquan


The hatchlings

~130 pieces- 30cm*26cm Illustration by ZHU Huiquan


Internal energies 

~168 pieces-31* 25cm Illustration by Agsandrew



~140 pieces-Diametre 30cm Illustration by ZHU Huiquan


Tiny jungles

~210 pieces-35cm*35cm Illustration by Meu Quarteliê



~160 pieces-25cm*27cm Illustration by ZHU Huiquan



~70 pieces-12cm*25cm Illustration by  Meu Quarteliê





After a brief stint working in the aerospace industry, and as a fan of puzzles since I was little, I decided to take the plunge and go back to something a bit more earthly – puzzles! I also love travelling and discovering cuisine from around the world.

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ZHU Huiquan


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For these shady days, I hope that my artwork would bring you more colours, and joys in your life. 

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